Thursday, January 25, 2007

jealous for the first time!

Fuck! She sent me a pic of her with a frrrrriendddd of her. God! I went/(am)going mad!! I never felt it before. I did, whenever i think of some fucking lousy asshole beside her, but this was too much! I could feel my temperature rising high. Its cold here, but still i am feeling hot. My mind went blank! I was not able to type anything. I just stopped chatting! LOL!!! This is strange! Only god knows what actually happens. I just told her, lets stop sharing photos, nothing else hit my mind. Its really strange. I never felt jealous for anybody or anything till today. Never! God help me!!!! Fuck! To tell you, all philosophy i am aware of, seems bullshit! God damn! You are looking at your beloved one, the most beloved one, the most most..... superlative word for love... blah blah.... with fucking someone else! The brain starts cooking stories! Fucking losy creepy and all the superlatives of negative, bad blah blah.... stories. You know, its not like that, but still the mind cooking. ui erwthvth weohcftr we[vr we
v trhwe

vt we

ok... let me get involved in work, only that will cool me down. Fuck, i am scared of seeing snaps now :(


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