Tuesday, January 09, 2007

wordpress stores images in two sizes

I was just trying to see what kind of hat Shane is wearing in his profile pic.

This is the image link  : http://a.wordpress.com/avatar/shaneosullivan-32.jpg

Just out of curiosity, i modified the url and changed it to : http://a.wordpress.com/avatar/shaneosullivan-128.jpg

and it works. You get to see a 128X128 picture. I tried for 256, dint work :(

Summary : Wordpress stores different image sizes for each(as blogger has), or shane has them :)


1 comment:

Shane said...

FYI, it's a green and white had with a shamrock on it. It was St. Patricks day and I was drunk, so I please innocence :-) Here's a pic of the hat on someone much more attractive - http://flickr.com/photos/shaneosullivan/115507892/in/set-72057594086763263/