Sunday, May 21, 2006


This post is about what i felt some 10 years back...yes i was in school then. I had a habit of writing on just any topic. But since school is the time when we are usually curious about the opposite sex, love etc, most of my thoughts linger around these stuff ;) Some are in hindi and the others in english. Initially the hindi stuff is boring and might occur to you as some hindi filmy dialogs(as my friend said now) but they were as they came to my mind. Ofcourse, some words are stolen from the dictionary(i am not good at volcaburaly). Hindi thoughts are real boring to read, but i have put them because they meant really a lot for me at that time. So, however they sound, "i wrote them" and i have no complaints against them.

One important thing to tell is whatever you might read should not be taken personally, as they were/are my feelings, my thoughts and bear no resemblence to any person living or dead. Howzthat?? A warning!!

You are free to post comments, and typos if you find them(i am bored to read again and again).

Wealth is a wealth, to manage wealth we need health.
- yogesh

Sometimes love is a thing which loves you when your B.Account
is full and hates you when your B.Account is empty.
- yogesh

Sometimes love is a thing which loves you when you are a hero,
and hates you when you are a zero. "0".
- yogesh

Rok nahi sakyi koi devaar,
rok nahi sakti talvaar ki dhaar,
rok sakti hai pyar ki devaar.
- yogesh

Maine suna tha bado se ki kaam karna hai man se,
iseliye mai kaam karta hoon man se, aur schol ko ata hoon deer se.
- yogesh

gulaab ka phoo; ho tum, saajan ki goori ho tum,
chanda ki chakori ho tum, jaaneman mere khwabonki rani ho tum.
- yogesh

Doodh mai shakkar ke bina koi maza nahi,
usi taraha pyar mai mushkil ke bina koi maza nahi.
- yogesh

Bhavaronko phool ke ras ke bina koi asha nahi,
Usi taraha mere jeevan mai tere bina koi asha nahi.
- yogesh

Raat ko soota hoon khayaloon main tumhe dekh ke,
subeh uthata hoon khayaloon mai tumhe dekh ke,
shayad mai aya tha is duniya mai tumhe sooch ke,
aur is duniya se jaana padega tumhe paa ke.
- yogesh

Chehera hai chehera, phoolon sa chehera,
meri manzil hai wohi chehera,
woh chehera hai chehera (my schooltime crush) ka.
- yogesh

A fair little girl,
slim and fast,
tall and smart.
With a fine upright character,
coy, but not more, but some.
When she is angry, she is a rose with a thorn,
but when she is in a jolly mood, she is a rose
laughing in spring.
She is a girl with a fixed strong desire, and a fixed aim.
Who stood always first in our class.
Friendly to everybody, and lovingly to me(i think so).
Whenever i would see her, and to me she sees,
my heart would start beating so fast as if a man
with a lion on his back, but i feel relieved as if a
heavy weight has been lifted from my heart.
This is the result of all that because i live her.
I live her to dear as a bee loves honey.
I never expressed my emotions to her, i would,
but no more she is in our school.
And i pray to god to give me courage and a good chance to
express her my emotions and tell her just three words
of love "i love you".
What do you think, can i? guess her name, can you?
She is queen of my dreams ans i am her dear.
Gues!! Gues!! Guess!! She is...
- yogesh

Daane daane pe likha hai khanewale ka naam,
usi taraha mere khoon ke ek ek katare pe likha hai
______ tumhara naam.
- yogesh

Titalee pukare saavan ko,
mere dil ki dhadkan hardum pukare ______ko.
- yogesh

Yaad ati hai teri yaad ati hai,
akele mai jab soochata hoon,
pyar ki geherai mehasoos hoti hai.
Kyon ke maine pyar kiya hai yumse,
par kahon yeh kaise tumse, jab ki koi moaka na tumne diya.
Kahoon to kisase, kisape utaroo yeh dil kaa boojh,
jab ki koi aisa shaksa na mila.
Mil jaye agar koi aisa shaksa, jiske dil mai
mil jaye mujhe ek chota paksha.
Jaha meri dhadkan uska naam pukaaar sake,
jaha mere khoon ka ek ek katara uska naam nikhaar sake.
- yogesh

character of a being is a living poetry of itself.
- yogesh

Raatonki neend ho tum, ek phool ki titalee ho tum,
jaaneman meri aankhon ki chaandani ho tum.
- yogesh

Kisi kavi ki kavita ho tum, shayar ki shayari ho tum,
meri jaan mere jeevan ki charitra ho tum.
- yogesh

Dont take anything or a work or a duty as your career of life,
take it as a passion.
- yogesh

See a thing with a bad mind or bad thought and it will be a bad
thing and results bad. As the same see the thing with a good thought
and it will good thing and results good, sometimes bad,
depending upon your mind and way of thinking.
- yogesh

I wandered all over the world,
everyehrre in the world,
for everybody i asked,
for everything i asked,
whether they had found my childhood.
Those beautiful days of my child time,
when i had no tensions, no worries of the bad and the good.
Those spring days, when we were the flowers of it.
Where are those days, when only we awere and our play things.
Those beautiful days of wandering here and there
and if late at home to take scoldings and beatings from mom.
Those beautiful days of our cricket
when we had no worry of getting wet in rain and then suffer from cold
and come late ti school and take beatings from our teacher.
For those days are passed on.
As life is a moving train, in which one has to enjoy the scenes
of that present time and leave it back which never arises any time.
So, my friends, dont loose your precious time
for everybody has just one childhood.

Reach for the stars, reach for the stars
as you have to reach it, to become a star.
Have much hopes, have good hopes
never lose hopes, as hopes are the ladders to reach for the stars,
and good thoughts are the climbers(referring to the horizontal bars of the ladder)
Have hopes so as you may fulfill them to the stars.
Have hopes so as you may become an outstanding in the stars,
as the pole star.
Have hopes as it is the backbone of your life and a fulfulled hope
will help you to reach for the stars.

Have you thought of a thing which cannot be defined
nor be seen nor be touched.
Its invisible, its time.
Time is a thing which one cannot see it, but can realise it.
Which one cannot touch it, but can make use of it.
Which cannot be defined naturally but only be defined
artificially. As in one second, you are a beggar or a king,
and you maky become the opposite of it in just the next second.
As tiem can be defined by itself.
As time is as the waves of the ocean which never stops or
waits for someone.
For time is precious, save it and use it.
Because if you will kill time, time will kill you.

Jyot ho ek diye ki tum, jyot bankar rehena tum.
Apane jyot ki roshani se, sansaar ko roshan karna tum.
Jyot bankar rehena tum.
Tum jyot ho komal seedhi saadhi, is sansaar ki tum ho dularee,
par banna padega tumko pyaree, kabhi na kadhi kathin aur nyaree.
Jyot bankar rehena tum.
Woh jyot bankar tum rehena, jo roshan rahe aur rahegi hamesha.
Woh jyot banna tum, jo khud jalkarsansaar ko ujiyaara de kar.
Jo chamakti rahe ek chaandni ki taraha zameen pe,
aur sansaar ko sheetal kare apane vyavahaar se.
- yogesh/02/09/1996

Isaka hruday dukhana mat, yeh ek jeevit putala hai.
Isaki aanknen kuch dekh nahi saktee, jo inki roshani chali gayi.
Iski zubaan kuch bol nahi sakti, jo iski boli chali gayi.
Iske haath kuch kar nahi sakte, jo inki shakti chali gayi.
Iska dil dhadak nahi sakta, jo iski dhadkan chali gayi.
Aur sab kuch chala gaya, usi muskaan ke peeche,
doob gaya hai unhi aankhon mai, rang gaya hai usi gaalo mai,
aur isaka dil usake dil mai.
Yeh sab kuch churaliya usne jo ayi ek bahaar ki taraha,
aur dil le gayi woh jeet ke, aur loatayegi ek din,
jab dil jeetunga mai usaka.
- yogesh

Life is a simple poem, dont byheart it.
Just murmur it and you will be able to sing it and understand it.
- yogesh/13/09/1996

Love is blind, so you dont have to be blind,
as you have to be alert to protect your love,
as love is blind.
- yogesh/13/09/1996

He wo does not make any mistake is not an animal.
- yogesh/16/11/1996

Life is what a season resort,
for different seasons come across and go apart.
There is the childhood of joy which never comes again.
As a past time does not come again. So enjoy it.
Then comes the next season of teen age.
This is the part of your life when one has to control
himself and once taken a wrong step will lead the whole life
in a mournfull destruction. So control yourself.
Then comes the stage, important in your season resort.
As you have to choose a right hand ans a good shadow for you
which will follow you all the while even in darks and lights.
So choose it rightly as it is the last truth of your life.
Follow these truths as you will reach for the stars.
- yogesh/14/10/1996

I will tell you about somebody, you listen to it carefully.
She is tall, but not a tree, she is slim but not a fish.
Her hair as soft as silken cloth, her eyes as mild as deer eyes.
Her cheeks as white as spring clouds, her lips as red as roses red.
Her hands are soft as a linen cloth.
She is not a girl, she is not an angel, not she is a thing.
But yes! She is a living nature.
- yogesh

Life is to live and achieve something for somebody.
If not for somedoby, at the most for ourselves.
If not a luxurious life, atleast achieve somebody's love.
Of all the wonders of god has created,
the most sparkling and glittering truth is love,
which one cannot hide or darken it.
It always glitters and shines as it is an shining naked truth.
Very often it is found in somebody for someone.
For everybody has it in the deep corner of heart.
Where there is a place and affection for someone.
It arises as a volcano at anytime, anyhow.
So one cannot hide it.
Knowing it, one tries to hide it but cannot, as it is a sparkling truth.
Even in infants, in young, in adults or take even an old man.
It arises at anytime any age, from which one should not repel
against it. One has to accept it, as if not accepted he or she will not abe
able to achieve anything in his life.
If achieved anything, it has no value greater than love.
- yogesh/23/11/1996

Jaha bhagvaan hai, waha bhoomi hai.
Jaha bhoomi hai, waha jeev hai.
Jaha jeev hai, waha jeevan hai.
Jaha jeevan hai, waha manushya hai.
Jaha manushya hai, waha achha tan hai.
Jaha achha tan hai, waha swaccha man hai.
Jaha swaccha man hai, waha acche vichaar hai.
Jaha acche vishaar hai, waha sacche maarg hai.
Jaha sacche maarg hai, waha ounche aashaye hai.
Jaha ounche aashaye hai, waha kathin manzil hai.
Jaha kathin manzil hai, waha peeche adhaar hai.
Jaha adhaar hai, waha vishvaas hai.
Java vishwaas hai, waha aasaan manzil hai.
Jaha manzil hai, waha jeevan safal hai.
Jaha yeh sab kuch hai, waha pyaar hai.
Jaha pyar hai, waha ek maatra sarva shreshta bhagvaan hai.
- yogesh/21/12/1996

One realises once, not twice.
One can see it not once, but many times.
One can meet it, not depart from it.
One can and has to realise it,
one has to see it, feel it.
One cannot out-grow with it or over-rule it
or over-ride from it.
Its the last path of a way, its the highest place in universe.
Its the goal of a match which everyone strives to it but does'nt
know what and how it is.
Its the last step of a stair, which one climbs struggling and
alas finds nothing but mud and dust.
Its the truth of everyone's life, which one has to accept it charmingly.
Its the gift of nature which unwillingly one has to recieve it
and thank for it as one can leave back his deeds,
good and even bad to get a new life.
Iths the departure from this world and arrival of two worlds,
either hell or heaven by his grace and our deeds, heaven.
Its the calling of god to be one with him and to get a new life.
Life full of happiness, pleasure, peace of mind, joy and everything
which not achieved in previous life.
Its the rebirth.
- yogesh/21/03/1996

Tum kaun ho, tum kaun ho jo mere khayalon mai aakar
halkese meri palko ko choom kar mujhe sapano ki dubiya mai
lejanewali tum kaun ho?
Tum kaun ho jo meri aankhon ki roshani bankar mujhe
sahi raasta dikhanewali, tum kaun ho?
Tum kaun ho jo meri aawaaz bankar
madhur vani bankar sabke man ko jeetanewali, tum kaun ho?
Tum kaun ho jo mere kandho par sahara bankar mujhe
jimmedariyon ke kabil bananewali tum kaun ho?
Tum kaunho jo meri bazuoo ki takat bankar anyai ke
khilaaf mujhe ladanewali tum kaun ho?
Tum kaun ho jo mere hathonki ungaliya bankar
mujhe sahara deneali tum kaun ho?
Tum kaun ho jo mere paironki takat bankar
mujhe dagmaganese bachanewali, tum kaun ho?
Tum kaun ho jo mere dinakh ki sooch bankar mujhe
galat raasto pe jaane se rooknewali tum kaun ho?
Tum kaun ho jo mere dil ki dhadkan bankar mujhe
jeevan denewali tum kaun ho?
Kya tum meri aatma ho ya meri sagun ho?
Tum kaun ho jo mujhe yeh sab likhane ki prerana denewali
tum kaun ho?
Kya tum meri shakti ho ya mere liye sirf ek sawaal ho?
- yogesh/06/05/1997

Its all created by you the drama with minglence of sentimental acts.
In them i may lose my faith in thee my lord so strengthen my faith
to thee my lord.
Strengthen it during my grief,
strengthen it during my failure,
strengthen it during my joy,
strengthen it during my success,
strengthen it in every second to not to lose faith
in thee my lord.
Strengthen it to understand and accept the truth
that after every dark night there is a bright day,
strengthen my faith to thee my lord as the dark night is going
to approach.
And alas, strengthen it during my departure
from this mingled world to thee my lord.
- yogesh/27/01/1997

Its a road but not any ordinary road. Its a long time road,
where many big vehicles are coming from the front
in between two vehivles.
Its a one way road in which some other vehicles might come
from opposite, breaking the rules.
But on this road on has to keep his step carefully, as once slipped
cannot be repaired. Its the king of road where one has to use the right
rule of truth, which is very long but is decided successfull.
There is also another road of jhoot
which is very short but alas ends in disaster.
So going on this road is not easy task for any person.
Its the road of romance, romance road.
Its that kind of road that any stone can become a melting wax.
Its that kind of road
that an ordinary person can also become a hero.
Its that kind of road that any lazy person
is ready to compete with a plane.
Its that kind of road that any coward person
is ready to fight with a dinosaurous.
Its that kind of road that any feared person
is ready to jump from Mt.Everest.
Its that kind that to complete it one will cross 7 oceans and finish it.
Its thatkind of road that any kanjoos person is ready to give
everything including himself to it.
Its that kind of road that any dull boy can become a rank holder.
Its that kind of road that any person can become a poet,
a writer or a minister. Its that kind of road
that one cannot describe it unless he is going on this road.
Its the romance road.
- yogesh/10/07/1997

Lets go away from this world, come on darling.
Lets go away from this world, lets go to the world of the gods,
lets go to the world of dreams, where no one is there to disturb us.
There where no wall is in between us. Lets go to the world of gods darling.
come on lets leave all the priorities of the world and leave it.
Lets go on the flying leaf on to the world of miracle.
Lets go on singing with the winds and let the cooing of the
cackoo be our rethym. Lets go to the world of thoughts darling.
Let your hand be in my hand both locked and both so close
as the flower and its color. Let us both be together for all while.
Let me kaap you in the bed of roses where no one is there to disturb
us. Let me see you and you to me and let we become one with the
tied know from me to you. Let us go deep into our love.
Let our body and soul be one and let our heart beats be one,
let our breaths be one and every flow of blood be one.
Come on darling, lets go on the bed full of roses where no one
can depart us, where no one can break us.
Come on sweetheart, let us leave all our shy and differences
and become one, for long long years of together.
Let us become one to follow the rule of the nature.
come on darling you are my soul, my life, my everything darling.
Come on lets go to the world of gods and fulfill all our secret desires
and wishes, all our dreams and everything.
- yogesh

Clouds are shying, sun is sweating, seeing my heart is coming.
Dews are pouring, flowers are showering, seeing my heart is coming.
Butterflies are hiding, everything is surprising, as my soul is coming.
Birds are singing, rivers are rythming as my soul is coming.
There she is coming, o dear, i can see you.
She is coming, walking with the ever won deer walk
with love and romance in her talks. She is coming with her soft
and tender eyes with rythm blooming in her voice. She is coming
with her rosy lips with beauty dancing on her finger tips.
She is coming with her cheeks so soft as soft and smooth as linin cloth.
She is coming walking on her velvety legs with cascade like falling
hair above her legs. She is coming closer and closer to be one with me.
Ah! She is here in me. So close as far is the sky from this earth.
She is in me as i am due to her and she is only for me.
She is, __________.
- yogesh/15/07/1997

We are made for eachother forever darling together.
No power can make us far forever, as we are made for eachother.
Let the sky cry forever, or the earth quake forever,
but we are made for eachother.
Let the brightness go in dark forever,
or the world go in a night forever,
but we are made for eachother.
let the world go in destruction,
or the universe go in confusion,
but we are made for eachother.
Let the road of life end forever,
or the game of life lose forever,
but we are made for eachother.
Let humanity die forever,
or cluelty start forever,
but we are madefor eachother.
Let truth die forever,
and lie start forever,
but we are made for eachother.
Let attraction die forever or let affection
lie forever,
but we are made for eachother.
Let friendship die forever,
or enimity start forever,
but we are made for eachother.
Alas, let i die or you die together forever,
but we are made for eachother.
- yogesh

We realise it after its gone, because we cannot realise when it is there.
We cannot feel its importance when we have it and now when we have lost it,
and are in need we come to know what it is and what importance it has
in everybody's life. Its similar to everything, after its gone.
We realise it when it is lost or stolen by anyone.
One cannot stole it, but casually it can be.
We realise it when we are in a well of thorns or
when we are walking on craggy ways. We realie it when its dark
or when we are handicapped spiritually. Its love.
Its love which gives us spiritual as well as will power to face
the forthcoming storms. Its the love of a friend which removes us
from the own built well of thorns. Its the love of our family,
which makes us walk on good ways away from the craggy.
Its the love of some person one with the heart and soul,
which makes us to fight against the waves of problems and
cross the ocean of difficulties and make us stand as a bold swimmer
of problems and as much as difficulties. Its the love of this world
which makes us to live in it. its the affection of this nature which
forces us to love. So love everyone, dont hesitate, be proud, be bold
and the world will be glad to see you as a lover. Think practically.
Understand everyone, friend, family, world and also a heart for you,
which will always be glooming and blooming. And if lost again cannot be gained.
And if gained will be a parallel gap in between.
- yogesh/20/08/1997

Is duniya mai aye hai to jeene ka rasm pura karna hi padega,
agar yeh pura na kiya to use rushta hona hi padega.
is rasma ko pura karna ho to kai reetiyo se guzarna padega,
sabse mazboot reet honi chahiye to vishvaas ki reet.
Yeh vishvaas jise kai naamo se jaana jata hai, pyar unme se ek hai.
Yeh vishvaas pe hi to duniya kayam hai, yeh vishvaas hi to
asambhav ko sambhav karta hai.
Yeh vishvaas hi to hume jeene ka vishvaas deta hai,
taki hum jiye yeh vishvaas lekar ki humse koi na koi
kaam zaroor hoga. Yeh woh vishvaas hai jispar raat ke baad din
ujiyaare ki kiran dikhayi deti hai.
Mazboot vishvaas hi to kisi rishte ke mazboot neev hai.
Isiliye vishvaas ko humare adi na ho ke hume vishvaas
ke adi hona chahiye. Vishvaas hi ek aise bhaavana hai jispar
kathin se kathin manzil paa lee ja sakti hi.
Agar vishvas hi naa rahe to is mai bhi shakk hai ki sooraj ujiyaara
layega ya nahi. Kisi par vishvaas karna hi ek siddha manav ki reet hai,
par sirf uspar jo vishvaas ke layak ho,
naki jo us par jo vishvas ghati ho. Agar kisi par nahi to uspar vishvaas
karna chahiye jo sabka palak-poshak hai. Yeh wohi vishvaas hai jispar
do panchi ek daal par baithate hai. Yeh wohi vishvaas hai jispar do dil
saari duniya ko chooda kar ek hote hain. Yeh wohi vishvaas hai jaha se
girne se aadmi uth nahi sakta. Woh aoani hi nazaro mai itana girata hai ki
woh phir se uth nahi sakta. Isliye hume vishvaas nahi knona chahiye.
Sab kuch khojaye par yeh ek nahi khona chahiye.
- yogesh/20/08/1997

"Fare well to you". In praise of my favourite teacher,
Pramila Dhanvar also to my favourite teacher Farzana Desai
who is getting married next year. May god bless them.

You came to us, with an aim to spread the gentle cheese of knowledge
uon the souls of, we bread.
You came to us, with a mind full ofwords to share some of them
but they were knowledge to us.
You came to us with a pot full of water, to fetch some for us,
but it wasa glucose to our nerves.
You came to us, with a basket full of flowers, to show us the colors,
but they were those who filled our lives with colors.
You came to us, with variety of seeds, to show and give to us,
but they were sown in our mind, and resulted in us.
You came to us, with your heart full of love, to work it on us,
but it was a charge to get a buglow in our hearts.
You came to us and we were in need of you to catch our fingers
and make us walk in the craggy mountains of unknown dark.
You came to us, so soft and gentle, and made our minds education centers.
And now you go so quickly from us, as a shade vanishes from a tree of love.
Though you go from us, you will always be in the bunglow od our hearts
and in every good success of our part.
Farewell to you, our dearest one,
may your life be full of fun, but do keep a part of time in your life,
to remember your children of your past life.
Farewell to you with our hearts full of love.
Always loving you.
- yogesh/30/09/1997

I called upon her early morning, but was unhappy to hear she was not available.
I tried upon my luck and called late night in my bed.
For my goodness she was there, she came in a few minutes to me walking on her whity
foots, shiny silvery body smiling atme and sat beside meon my bed.
I saw at her and she too at me. Both were silent and calm and bed lamp was on.
I shut it off and slipped my hand towards her sleeky softy body,
but asi touched her she started shivering.
Then slowly i took her close ot me,we both were so close that we tow had become
one with our soul, though we were two. I then took a sip from her mouth through
a hot wetty kiss. She started shivering more and more and i then went on taking
kisses and slipping off the juices from her mouth to my, kiss by kiss.
Alas she was calm, she stopped a little bit shivering.
She was lying in the bed nude with nothing in or on her body.
Now my mrves were full of enthusiasm and desires, brain full of words
and i was ready to write a new epic.
The girl who gave me herself, her everything is none other than a glass of whiskey.
- yogesh/15/10/1997

My outline of life is drawn but is incomplete
as there are no colors to fill the design.
So fill some colors in my outline,
so as my life be beautiful as a design.
My empty life is making some noise,
as there is nothing filled in it,
so fetch some good thoughts,
so as it can bring them to life and lessen the noise.
My world of dreams is ready,
but in it everything is steady,
so put some life in it,
so as we may both live and die in it.
Myhouse of love is in construction,
but it is without your foundation of affection,
so put the foundation of it so as my house if love comes to realism.
My Oh! Sorry! Our garden of love is in progress,
but afsoos it is flowerless,
so put some namur of love,
so as our garden be full of flowers.
My song of love are written,
but are really fully out of rythm,
so put it from your voice of sargam,
and make it a complete album.
My engine is on and my bike oflife is running.
Though there is enough fuel in it,
fill some lubricant ot it so as to run smoothly.
My bike of love is running in 180 but my behind seat is empty,
so come and fill itso as my meter might show 360.
As there are many things to go by,
you have to do for your love guy but these are all enough,
to end my life in just a laugh.
- yogesh/07/10/1997

Aapko hum se koi cheen sake
aissa zamane mai koi nahi.
Phool to khair daali se toot jaata hai,
usaki khushboo nahi.
- yogesh/09/10/1997

Chahe na koi kali, ke usake madhu ko koi le jaye.
Agar kismat ne bhavare ko bheja hai,
to usme kali ya bhavare ka kya kasoor?
- yogesh/09/10/1997

Agar woh ek deep hai somya, shaant, naazuk,
aur roshani faila rahi hai, to aii hava
use aur ujjwal kar de, par agar woh koi aag bankar sansaar ko
apani lapeto mai le raha hai to aii hava usase usaki praan vayu
cheen kar use shaant kar de, hamesha ke liye.
- yogesh/09/10/1997

Never give an eye, to a passenger travelling by,
as they are the birds in the sky,
who often say goodbye. Never let an eye.
Never give an eye, to a passenger travelling by,
as they are the clouds in the sky,
who later say goodbye. Never let an eye.
Never give an eye, to a passenger travelling by,
as they are one of the ocean's waves,
who ofter strike the shore and go away. Never let an eye.
Ah! But if you have given an eye ot a passenger travelling by,
then with the help of love in your eye, make them then towards you to fly.
Make them condense and rain love on you.
Make them join your ocean of love in your heart and be not be apart,
though the bodies have to depart, your soul will be one in one heart.
- yogesh/01/02/1998

Its raining, its raining o god! Its not an ordinary rain,
its the rain of problems which is pouring on me.
With every drop of water a new problem is falling on me
and is wetting my eyes by its skill.
Its also the season of winds, the winds of despair are blowing
and also with them are my hopes are blowing, also my faith is moving
far from this hell, where love is nothing but a mere business based on the
principle of give and take. Where affection is nothing but just an attraction
of as a magnet when once dropped by chance loses its power.
Where trust is nothing but just a means of code word to know eachother very deeply
and dearly and then attack eachother. Aslo the fog of confusion is laying its hands
on my mind, and poor mind is not able to find a way in this fog and then the
fog is melting and forming dew by dew falling on me, and saying,
one, trust everyone and the other, trust no one.
So o god, its you who can save me from this delimma.
O god, please lend me a raincoat of your intelligence and a jacket
ot warmth with your love and also a torch for light which might
show me the right way even in the fog.
Or, o god, lift me from this world of corruption.
O god, will you?? will you??...
- yogesh/21/12/1997

For everyone, its a splendorous night, for also a coward and
very much for a knight. For all the childrens, small and young,
will dance the night full of fun. for all the boys and girls will forget
their reserveness an get together like bushes and ferns. For all the aged,
grandma and pa, will forget their shy and dance cha cha cha.
Its a splendorous night for everyone.
Now....when the last second of awaiting hour drives, ar ethe hearts
full of joy and their eyes as brightening as moonlit light and spreading
their light in the darkened night, with nerves full of passion and minds filled
with resolution.
To lighten the candle of change and fame, with much more thoughts in action.
Happy new year to everyone. The hours of dark are there none.
In the sky are balloons flying and crackers burning and lighting.
are the hearts of dirt ar changed andthe minds full of problems washed.
Nerves filled with dark blood are purified and filled with royal blue of light.
No the sun of progress is rising with giving a teach of passion rising.
And the day begins with a new tmie a new air to breath and a new light
to see and so on and on and on.
The days pass and weeks ans months and then again the same night of
splendorous comes and the feelnigs repeat.
- yogesh/22/12/1997

They are a part of our life, not impart as a wife.
They are our soul, good or bad, the whole.
They are of that kind, which one cannot lag them behind,
even on this earth, and even on that non earth.
They are the thoughts, good or bad, they are,
they are the soul on the last path.
No thing comes with us except the blessings or curses of our thoughts.
So have good thoughts, make good thoughts.
Thoughts are the way of your life.
One must, have thoughts, but not transitory thoughts,
but haev gallant thoughts which will leave a lesson back us.
Baffle thoughts, then only you can ferret out the secret of life.
Make good thoughts, think good thoughts, live with good thoughts.
Try to make them extremely living thoughts, fullfilled thoughts.
As thoughts must not be for us but we should be and live for good thoughts.
Do not lag good thoughts, but lag, lay far behind you the bad thoughts
and fill your life with good thoughts.
- yogesh/08/01/1997