Saturday, February 03, 2007

snapshot of a couple of days

Was stuck in a bug for a couple of days. Also dint feel like writing. Had many thoughts to write, but just could not make it. Lemme think on it.....

(thinking...1 minute passed)

Ok. I am the most irritating person on this earth for someone very much dear to me. Now that is a compliment. Yes, often any criticism from your loved ones are taken as compliments. When stones can be taken as flowers, verbal criticism is far more acceptable. Okay. Jokes apart. I mean i ws indeed told like that on phone..

You know something? You are the most irritating person i've ever met on this earth in my life!

To be frank, there is no go from it. If a perosn has a certain thought in the mind, "it is there". You cant bump the person's mind and try to manipulate it. Yesterday morning while taking bath i came up with this analysis.

People, relation, business or anything involving more than one humans continue to exist only because there is certain level of faith/contract in each other. No other person knows the truth. In fact, nobody knows what the truth is. Its just a matter of which reasoning has more importance/influence among the entities at a given instance of time. Its the same as survival of the fittest. Any idea, thought that appeals most of the people at a given moment, tends to prevail for a long time.

Okay. Coming back from my crappy analysis(if you feel), well, i am not unhappy that i was told like that. But i was happy that i was told like that so i can try to be less irritating. But, there is a catch here again. I dont do it intentionally, atleast to someone who is soo dear to me. It just happens. I am a human, and may be thats in my nature. A classic example my uncle gave me is of the mosquito.

A mosquito comes near to you to bite/suck yor blood etc(have sex). You may try hit and kill it, either as you see it coming near to you or, you may think of fooling it by allowing it to first sit, drill its bit in your skin and by the time your neurotransmitters send the ouch! signal to your brain, you know that its deep inside you and you hit it. Now you may succeed or fail. If you succeed, Congrats! If you fail, the mosquito goes away and comes back agian. Now, the fact that, you tried to hit it and it still comes to you is a clear indication of its nature.

We too are mosquitoes sometimes, but dont get killed physically, but mentally, heartily :) I feel, one should learn to accept human nature. Agree, sometimes its too difficult or impossible. But to some extent, one can always try.

Next.... (thinking...15 secs)

Related, i am frequently getting emotional jolts. Got one sometime back via a SMS. Sometimes i feel it so strange that some text displayed by a lifeless gadget, makes such an impact on us. There may be a virus in it. One may send it as a casual talk, or fun or anything. But there is no way of telling in what context it was sent. I usually avoid discussing "hunam issues" on phone/chat or mail. Face to face is the best i guess.

Next.... (thinking...10 secs)

How do i express something which cant be express verbally? I am damn scared :-SS Some time back i tried putting some images from gapingvoid .

Nothing special, i am still the same as i was 24 years ago :)

Oh! one more thing, i am damn selfish!!


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