Monday, January 01, 2007

One more year passes by....

Usually people are happy and more of enthusiasm, hopes etc etc... and many more positive feelings, thoughts for a new year. I am not much different than those, but the first thing that hits my mind is, what did i achieve in the last year? Oookay, i cleared some loan, we shifted to a new house, made good friends, experienced life in a different way. Most of all, my belief in things happening on their own just like that has become more an more strong, let it be for any matter, work or personal life, in general.

At this moment while i am writing this, i am not much happy. One of my bosses who are more friends to me keeps on telling me " you have to make your identity/presence re....". May be that bug has caught me. Identity. But again, identity is a relative term. I am quite well known in my circle but thats not what my boss insists on. He insists on making a global presence, lol!! Its not something impossible but requires extremely focussed mind and the zeal to make it happen. One more reason for not being happy is very funny. I am too much sensitive, so i feel " oh my god, 2006 is gone! It wont come again in my life, nobody can get it back to me, i have lost it!! Nooooo.....". This feeling of losing is making me more sad i guess. Control come in to picture here. Boss had said once, losing something is losing the control over the object and not the object per se. Ok, coming back to what i did and what not, i hope this year i do something. And hope not to end up writing second version of this post for the next year. I will try hard to count on every second of this year and make the most out of it. Oh come on, i am a normal person ok with hopes and all that i said in the first line ;) Ok, mom is going to her office now, i need to go down with her, thats my usual routine. Say her bye, tell her not to take tension, not to worry and go slowly. Ok .. see you then... she went down ..byr..


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