Thursday, January 25, 2007

jealous for the first time!

Fuck! She sent me a pic of her with a frrrrriendddd of her. God! I went/(am)going mad!! I never felt it before. I did, whenever i think of some fucking lousy asshole beside her, but this was too much! I could feel my temperature rising high. Its cold here, but still i am feeling hot. My mind went blank! I was not able to type anything. I just stopped chatting! LOL!!! This is strange! Only god knows what actually happens. I just told her, lets stop sharing photos, nothing else hit my mind. Its really strange. I never felt jealous for anybody or anything till today. Never! God help me!!!! Fuck! To tell you, all philosophy i am aware of, seems bullshit! God damn! You are looking at your beloved one, the most beloved one, the most most..... superlative word for love... blah blah.... with fucking someone else! The brain starts cooking stories! Fucking losy creepy and all the superlatives of negative, bad blah blah.... stories. You know, its not like that, but still the mind cooking. ui erwthvth weohcftr we[vr we
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ok... let me get involved in work, only that will cool me down. Fuck, i am scared of seeing snaps now :(


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oranges Vs Coconuts

Ummm.... what to say... mobile communications sure to fail. Why? As usual, the syllabus is oranges, the paper is full of coconuts!! I thought of coming out as soon as i saw the paper, but then thought, ookay... let me try at least. Believe me, it was damn coconuts. They say in the syllabus you gotta know the GSM architecture and the IMT 200 etc. What they ask in the paper is all the radio interface. Those fucking lousy assholes ask you do design a cellular network with a given frequency range! lol!! They ask you to write about the complete GSM frame details, the signaling channel etc. Unfortunately, the book i wanted was not available in the market and i had to opt for a different book, though it is one of the books recommended for the course, it is very compact. When information is made compact, it becomes complex to understand it. Let's see, the next attempt, i will try more hard to clear it. Seems that, failure is when even the best of you was not enough ;) Best? Enough? Okay... i wont start philosophy now. BTW, why am i writing this :-\ dunno much.... may be i want to say something else and writing something else. Anyway, at least by that way i am letting out my exam related thoughts. Damn! I indeed want to say something, i am not able to.....  :(  I am tied now.


Monday, January 15, 2007

worst evening i dowanna face again..

Today's evening was the worst i have experienced. It has happened earlier too, but todsy's was something i will be scared of. What to say... i have a strange feeling inside me, a kind of fear that just eats up most of my beautiful moments. The thing is that i cant even tell it to anybody :( Maybe it is very silly but.... what is silly and what is major? who decides?..... :) Tomorrow is my exam, but instead of studying, i am listening to songs here with my cousn and writing this. I am just not able to concentrate to study. So, thought of atleast writing up and then try studying.... dunno. what... lets see.....


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Entry posted from my client :)

Ok... this is the first entry i am posting from my atom client. Still lot of work to do. Wish good luck to me.

wordpress stores images in two sizes

I was just trying to see what kind of hat Shane is wearing in his profile pic.

This is the image link  :

Just out of curiosity, i modified the url and changed it to :

and it works. You get to see a 128X128 picture. I tried for 256, dint work :(

Summary : Wordpress stores different image sizes for each(as blogger has), or shane has them :)


Thursday, January 04, 2007

from Apache Abdera 0.1.0 to 0.2.0 was bit painful :) wont get everything for free. You got to put some efforts. There is no free food. Earlier i was using Velocity and ROME to create and parse feeds. From the start i had a disliking towards ROME. May be it is a great library, but not for me. Just creating an entry from some inputstream or string requires you to write atleast 3 to 5 clean lines of code. One of the biggest problem with that lib is that it cannot parse standalone Entry documents!! So, how did i parse in my projects until Abdera? Use a velocity template which is a skeleton atom feed with no entries in it. Put the entry(got from inputstream or string) to the template and render it. Then take the rendered output which is now a Feed and give it to ROME, then extract the entry located at 0. OMG!!! It was so painful. Other pain comes when you have to send only the entry. No way to create only Entry docs. What to do? Create a  simple class to hold the entry contents, title, author id etc. Use a velocity template, put the entry data in the object and that object in context to render. Take the rendered output and send it. Again at the server, the reverse cycle starts. I used to cry literally....

Ah...Now with Apache was a breeze serializing entries, feeds, service docs etc. I am much more relieved now. As soon as i got to know about Abdera, i started using it. Its fun using Abdera. Oookay, am i exaggerating it too much. Ofcourse, i will!! coz Abdera deserves it! Now with 0.2.0 release, its much more easier. Thanks Abdera :)

PS: ROME = ROME v 0.8. I am not aware about the latest release.


Monday, January 01, 2007

One more year passes by....

Usually people are happy and more of enthusiasm, hopes etc etc... and many more positive feelings, thoughts for a new year. I am not much different than those, but the first thing that hits my mind is, what did i achieve in the last year? Oookay, i cleared some loan, we shifted to a new house, made good friends, experienced life in a different way. Most of all, my belief in things happening on their own just like that has become more an more strong, let it be for any matter, work or personal life, in general.

At this moment while i am writing this, i am not much happy. One of my bosses who are more friends to me keeps on telling me " you have to make your identity/presence re....". May be that bug has caught me. Identity. But again, identity is a relative term. I am quite well known in my circle but thats not what my boss insists on. He insists on making a global presence, lol!! Its not something impossible but requires extremely focussed mind and the zeal to make it happen. One more reason for not being happy is very funny. I am too much sensitive, so i feel " oh my god, 2006 is gone! It wont come again in my life, nobody can get it back to me, i have lost it!! Nooooo.....". This feeling of losing is making me more sad i guess. Control come in to picture here. Boss had said once, losing something is losing the control over the object and not the object per se. Ok, coming back to what i did and what not, i hope this year i do something. And hope not to end up writing second version of this post for the next year. I will try hard to count on every second of this year and make the most out of it. Oh come on, i am a normal person ok with hopes and all that i said in the first line ;) Ok, mom is going to her office now, i need to go down with her, thats my usual routine. Say her bye, tell her not to take tension, not to worry and go slowly. Ok .. see you then... she went down ..byr..