Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oranges Vs Coconuts

Ummm.... what to say... mobile communications sure to fail. Why? As usual, the syllabus is oranges, the paper is full of coconuts!! I thought of coming out as soon as i saw the paper, but then thought, ookay... let me try at least. Believe me, it was damn coconuts. They say in the syllabus you gotta know the GSM architecture and the IMT 200 etc. What they ask in the paper is all the radio interface. Those fucking lousy assholes ask you do design a cellular network with a given frequency range! lol!! They ask you to write about the complete GSM frame details, the signaling channel etc. Unfortunately, the book i wanted was not available in the market and i had to opt for a different book, though it is one of the books recommended for the course, it is very compact. When information is made compact, it becomes complex to understand it. Let's see, the next attempt, i will try more hard to clear it. Seems that, failure is when even the best of you was not enough ;) Best? Enough? Okay... i wont start philosophy now. BTW, why am i writing this :-\ dunno much.... may be i want to say something else and writing something else. Anyway, at least by that way i am letting out my exam related thoughts. Damn! I indeed want to say something, i am not able to.....  :(  I am tied now.


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