Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank you 2008 :)

Another year is about to pass by. I am.... 26 years old I guess.. Did what all these years.. ??
Umm... built many relations... made parents happy... bought a house, lol... the mobile... E50.

But some emptiness lies within me... some part of unsatisfied soul.
I want to give something to this world... some thing.. something which will make life easier...
I know..I only talk.. thats why the emptiness.. (stupid coleague is playing a senti song(lamha lamha.. jaane kis aag mai.))

Anyway.. will try my best to do what I want to do..

I dunno why.. some fear lies within me, especially on new year eve.. I know this "New Year" is just psychological and calendrical...
but... this "Year" thing is deeply rooted in our minds...

Do something yogi... (I will shit in my pants now...)