Sunday, April 02, 2006

Write something, daily.

I am writing this post only to make sure that i am in touch with the language. By profession i am a free lance programmer. Ok, i am writing this because, joel says so. He, as well as my boss says that to become a seasoned software engineer, you have to really be into it, do all that is required right from the first phase of the product development to its implementation etc. I usually dont write documentation. Not only me, i feel many of the developers out there writing a couple thousand lines of code are lazy to do it, or feel it is useless or it is not their job. Infact, it is the most critical and important aspect of software development! I have wasted many hours discussing the same, because of no proper documentation. Recently i wrote a small functional spec of a small part of a product that we are developing. I wrote it as per joel's guidelines. It was cool writing it. Also after writing the initial draft, i felt like, "ok....this is some kind of work...a software engineer..". Even my boss was a bit happy about it. He is more a mentor, than a boss to me. Now you see, how confusing this post is. I started with smoething, and i ended somewhere else! Thats what i need to improve, put your ideas in proper words, and only then you will be able to write a good document. That doesn't mean that you should start documenting only after you are a master in english. See, there are many things in life. You have to be aware of everything! You have to fight!

I will try to write something daily, so that my ability to write and put my ideas into proper words, will improve. May be i will start writing about some domain. Not yet decided.

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