Sunday, April 16, 2006

temporary memory loss...??

Well, this has been the second or the third time i have done this. For every 2 months or so, i talk to this girl and tell her that i am attracted towards her, tell her indirectly that i like her and i am telling this only because i dowanna hold on to my feelings and want to just puke it off! I also tell her that i dowanna get distracted by this thought, coz at this stage in my life my parents happines and career is important, and i should not get distracted. I also tel her that please dont take me seriously and take it just as a friend is sharing some thoughts blah blah...!

Some time passes.......minutes..hours...days...

I am very much enthusiastic, full of confidence and all set to break new records(not really) in my job. I write some shit piece of code which my boss just swallows it coz he's a nice guy :) For me my career is important, my parents and my friends. I have no thougt of making new "relations".

This happened to me thrice till now. It was the third time today. I just saw 50 First Dates. Really a nice movie. Oh hooney....i had told you to pay the electricity bills yesterday....i even reminded you today before going to the office and you say you just forgot it?? You are becoming irresponsible day by day honey... :( This is what happens in our daily life. What would happen if your beloved ones cant remember what happened yesterday!! And you still continue everyday with the same spirit, love compassion and care for each other. Thats how the movie is....Sometimes i feel do i have some kind of temporary memory loss pbm?? Not for a single day..but for a few months that i do this same thing?? God help me....

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