Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I have become more sadoo

Yesterday I watched "Zinda". A good movie. As usual, dutt always has some different kind of role. Though his appearances in most of the movies is same i mean a strong man who can beat some 20 people, with a knife in his back and still manage to walk out laughing. Am I telling you the complete story? Ok...the story is comlpetely different. I mean narrated in a nice manner. You will not get bored. It makes you curious, why he is kept locked for 14 years! Initially I thought, must be some NSA kind of people trying to use him for some critical mission etc. I got this thought because dutt is a software engineer in the movie. But there is one thing worth noting in the movie, never tease any girl or make fun of her. Especially if she has a brother and is very young around 8 years. Confused? Zinda, dutt, software engineer, NSAn eve teasing.......hahahahah. Dont be..go and watch Zinda. I have stopped betting too :(

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