Saturday, April 22, 2006


OMG!! Looks nice.. I am thinking of making a sticker of it and paste it somewhere i can see daily..Ok...My temporary memory loss created a big havoc!! The girl thought that i was "using" her :( I only talk to her when i want and not otherwise. If i have no one to talk then i talk to her, spend time with her etc. It was all due to the lack of good written communication in me. I am not good at communicating my thoughts in writing. Well, it was a quite long chat for around 6 hrs!! Thats my longest chat ever. She stressed more on why i gave the gaps. tell you the truth, the gaps were to divert my mind from her thought. Coz i am still in the struggling phase of my career. So....Anyway...henceforth i am not gonna bother about it...if her thought comes in my mind, let it come. Who knows, how long we are gonna live!! I will just live for the moment and be happy and make others happy. Keep smiling.... :)

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