Tuesday, November 01, 2005

random thoughts

Ok. here are some random thuoghts Most of them are influenced from one or more persons i met in my life.. :)

* Nothing is impossible nor easy! (this one is from me)
* Strong intentions lead to actions!
* Life is a continous system of discontinuity. (derived from the thought "nothing is continous")
* Things happen in a moment. You will never know when!
* If things are bound to happen, they will!
* No problem is a new one! Follow this three step procedure to get the solution : Believe that the problem can indeed be solved. Its not me who is facing the problem for the first time. Search for methods from different people who solved it. When it is time to solve the problem indeed, then give your 100%.
* Do magic in life :)
* Relations should be like air, free and so transparent!
* Wish!
* Have a child's heart.
* Dont bother, Just give your best!
* Spend some time alone.
* Blog, if you cant speak.
* Do your breakfast like a king, meals like a prince and dinner like a queen.
* Health is wealth.(this one should have been first.)
* From past six months i've been waiting to tell you this........(hehehehe....you got it pp :) )

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