Saturday, November 05, 2005

one chance, and i will kill these blogger guys X-(

This is disgusting! I had a post by title, "darling". I wanted to add a footer, so edited the template, and guess what? My "darling" post got deleted! Literally deleted! I tried to see if i could atleast get the content back by hitting the browser back button, so that i can post it once again. But for my "unfortunate bad luck", i could not retieve the post :( I feel like fucking those guys whoever did this blogger thing :( (If you guys are reading this then take it!) This is the second time my post has been deleted. Prior to this, i had tried to post my first hello world message, and the editor crashed everytime! Now again if any posts get deleted henceforth, then i am not gonna use this blogger anymore. This is pathetic! I had posted it so nicely :(

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