Saturday, October 29, 2005

My third attempt to say "hello world"

This is my third attempt to say hello world to all. I was exited when i opened my blog. But unfortunately, this js editor of blogger got stuck :( I tried twice to create the post, but could not. Everytime i used to preview the post it freezed! Now this is my third attempt to post. If you are able to read it, then i am fortunate :) After persuing my friends to open their blog from past six months..i have my one here now! Well, nothing special right now..I got a new computer desk :) Its cool and sexy..actually my boss gifted me. Now he said that he is renting me, but i dont think he is gonna ask me the rent, nor will i be able to give him :) Guess instead of saying that he is gifting me the table..he said that he is renting it to me. Now, this is my feeling. I dont feel comfortable to pay him for the table. He is quite elder to me and i cant say, "Boss, here's your money for the table". I dont feel comfortable to say it. Hey boss! if u happen to read this then dont be angry..if u really want me to pay then i will! But i know you wont ask ;) Thats enough for now..Got a lot of work to do. Will post abt my other thoughts later when i get time..

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