Tuesday, December 26, 2006

new blogger is cool

Just now i upgraded to the new blogger. The best feature i liked about it is the adding and deleting page elements. Before this everytime i used to change the template i had to edit the layout. So i had sticked to only a one template for a long time. Now with this templatable dnd interface, its a breeze. Also these days i am concentrating more on the usability aspect. Got to deliver a product by jan 5! Will i be able to do it? Ummm.... dunno. You never know.

BTW, the ajaxified blogger is using google ajax toolkit or some other :-\ ... just out of a curiosity...

Oh! I am blogging from gmail, and gmail does not let me make the text justified :( Dunno about the font size also, what is small to gmail may be big to blogger and vice versa. As long as they are internally using font-size=small | small-x, lange, large-x (pure html right?) then no problem, but if they have their own definitions fro small and big... then i got to figure out some way. Lets see....


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