Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Pharmacy, inspired by dad

My dad has a habit of keeping every small note written or anything just scribbled on. Most of them all, he keeps all the medical prescription. Prescription in the sense, just the tablet name, nothing detail. Some given for tooth ache, other for joint pains, like that. That too, he just goes to the medical shop n tells the person there to give some medicine explaining him the problem. After some time, he does not even remember which medicine is for what purpose. He just remembers, pink note for cold, white one for joint pains, this is joshi's handwriting, its for tooth ache etc. Some time back now, me n mom came up with an idea on this habit of dad. A personalized pharmacy. We start with an empty shop. People come with their prescription. For every person, we allot some space big enough to store the prescriptions for 1 year.We then order the medicine(initially get from the nearby shop).Every person's account is maintained as is done in any bank. Well done. All medicines of all the customers are available anytime. A ATM(Any Time Medicine) machine is also available. Swap your card, select your prescription based on your hints stored, collect the medicine n leave. Though we dont force you to leave, its your wish. Advantages are that the customer can be carefree for his medical needs. He feels good that he owns his own pharmacy(btw, pharmacy name is my pharmacy) n from our point of view, we order only what is required + some error margin. Some kind of statistics has to be used to get the correct figure. Ok. We are all set to put it up. Hey, look out! We have an ATM just beside your house ; )

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