Monday, November 01, 2010

PyS60 - Multiplayer SMS based Hangman Game

Sometimes I do Pys60. Its a great tool to do POC type of apps. I referred Mobile Python by Jürgen Scheible and Ville Tuulos. There is a Hangman game tutorial to demonstrate how incoming SMS can be monitored etc.

I modified the game by adding some state of multiple players and made it multiplayer. If I can remember, I also added hints feature to it. Attached file is the latest code that I have. 99% its in running condition. You can test and lemme know if you find it useful.

For some reason, the program behaves stupid if delivery reports are enabled in the phone running the game. I guess this is because Delivery report is also an incoming SMS and the program wakes up for it. Also, its not for heavy traffic kind of ok.. Its just a POC!

Yes, 3 posts in 1Hr. today, I was desperate!

Well, seems like there is no way to upload files other than images and videos. Renaming the .py file to .jpg and uploading. Download and rename it before using. Does not work, it says file corrupt. Smart ;)

Edit : Added dropbox download link below.

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