Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Windows 7 Random Theme Switcher

After installing Windows 7 Ultimate and some good themes from MS site, the next question that came to my mind was obvious,

How do I change themes randomly without me manually changing them from the personalization options?

Googling "windows 7 random theme" and "windows 7 random theme on startup" results in forum questions and not solutions. I then searched for the command to change the theme from command line. Got a windows scripting shell snippet. I then extended it to list and change themes randomly from the user theme directory. Here is the link for the script.

To use it,

Edit the script and change the user directory where themes are installed. Actually, you simply have to change the username, thats all.
Save it and test it once by double clicking it in Windows Explorer. If it does not work, comment below. I may try yo help.
If works, add it to start up or add a scheduled job to run it.

Be careful with viruses.


- yam


susantha said...

first of all thank you
hey this works only for

some of other theme files are only include in

i change the path as
sThemeFolder = "C:\Windows\Themes\"

butb it didnt work for me
can you made a script for that

kundan tiwari said...

Thanks a lot

But i am not aware of all these things

So can you please tell me The step by step process to achieve the goal

till now i have
1.Copied the code from given link
2.Changed the code as per your suggestion.

1.With what extension should i save the file
2. where to keep the file.

3. Is there anything else required.

in advance.

kundan tiwari said...

Please let me know

How to save the file
in what extension
where to place

step by step process

in advance

yogi said...

Save the file with .vbs extension and add it to your startup items in your start menu folder. See link below on how to add programs to startup folder.