Saturday, March 29, 2008


Updates from the time I closed this blog t

1. The girl I loved the most got married, of course, not with me!

2. I quit(edited: pp) my long time job.

3. Got in a mobile startup, current company.

4. Got my first, or second.. fat salary... got a new mobile phone.

5. Ok, this one is .. umm... ok.. (thinking...pp is troubling me)  ok met a cute lil girl.

6. We both met, exchanged our views, ideas, likings etc.

7. Series of meets n I was clear with my intentions ;)

8. Second or third meet I guess, told her that my intention is to get in a permanent, committed relationship.

9. Both agreed and are happy as of now ;)

10. My mind has this thought all the time : Uncertainty is around me all time.

11. Won a Samaung P2 player from Crunchgear, I love you John, n i love the player!

12. Got promoted as a System Architect(or was already?)

13. Bought a new laptop.

14. Got a salary hike!

15. Bought a new house in my native, Belgaum.

So far, so good :)


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