Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Third day of bike learning class

Today was my third day of my bike learning tutorial, class whatever you call it. It was good. I drove from our office to Ghansoli, from there to Koparkhairane petrol pump to main road and back to office. It all took may be 30 minutes.

I feel more confident and slowly trying to sync the speed-gear and clutch-break thing. All in all its good. One thing that I found to be of great help is your trainer's confidence in you and suggestions while riding. Kishore is good in it.

We also did an enquiry about getting my learning license. It seems I have to take it from Mulund(Thane RTO). Will have to catch hold of some agent. Atya is a good sourcer for anything in Mumbai.

Good luck yogi!

- yam

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