Monday, December 13, 2010

Second day of bike learning

Wow! I rode the bike from our office, Millennium Business Park to Ghansole, Gharonda, where my colleague used to stay earlier. He is learning to drive a four wheeler.

My first lesson was withing our office premises, Millennium Business Park. Today was the second day.

I rode all the way from the crowd in MBP, to the main road, the flyover connecting Ghansoli and into the building. All in all, it was a great experience. I feel more confident now :) yay!

This clutch and break thing has to kinda get wired in to the brain.
  1. When you dunno what to do, just hold the clutch and the break.
  2. When the speed is low, change the gear to lower ones and higher ones when there is enough speed. Basically the bike should not give jerks.
I have asked my colleague to get his bike in the mornings and I take it to his house in the afternoon(that way I learn to ride bike) and he gets his car to office and back to home(that way he learns to drive)

Smart huh!

- yam

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