Saturday, February 17, 2007

Free stuff

This year looks like I will be getting more of free stuff. Long time back i subscribed to helpOthers. They had a free service of sending you smile cards which you can just give it to anyone. After sending the request twice, i got them. Cool! a pack of some 20 cards i guess. Then i had subscribed for NetBeans for a free cd of NetBeans IDE, NetBeans Mobility pack and also includes the Sun Java Sever Platform kit, docs etc. I got the cd today. Cool! All the way from Czech Republic. I had heard some linux distribution is also freely sending out cds. Got to find out. Anybody else giving away free stuff, please dont hesitate to ping me.

I also got two tshirts from my friend.

May god be with me all the time and let the flow of free gifts keep flowing from all you generous people out there. May god bless you and prosper you and you keep gifting me. Amen!!


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