Saturday, February 10, 2007

"complexity" code broken(?)

From long time me and my friend used to wonder why some things are complex or appear complex to us. Its been quite a long time, may be around 12 to 18 months now. We have this thought coming up every time we talk. All of a sudden, yesterday i just started explaining pp what is this "complex" thing. One of my friend always says, "things have to happen naturally". I feel, this naturally happening is nothing but simple. When things happen naturally, they are simple or appear simple to us. When they are not happening naturally, they are complex or appear complex to us. Of course, we have to put our sincere best efforts to make something happen. Not that, sit at a place and expect for things to happen(cant say though, you never know). So finally, for me it seems like i have broken the code of complexity which was bothering us for a looong time. As usual, nobody reads or comments, but comments are always welcome :)


Alain said...

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yogi said...

Yeah... true, but not in a mood to do it. Also not in touch with net :(

Alain said...

Private Correspondence: Almost 10 hours of time difference seem to separate us. At times, you are in my tomorrow while I’m in your yesterday. You might be «not in the mood for doing certain things» because you have just smashed your big toe while preparing to go to bed or because it’s been so long your not able to get the watch your are longing for to match your look. Your «not in the mood for doing certain things» might be of a short duration and when I acknowledge, it may be already outdated or it might be persistent and when I read about it, it might still be relevant... Maybe your mood is combination of these kinds of events. So many possibilities? If they are things that you would like to express to me or share with me, but not in public, you are welcome to use my email.
What are those symblols - :( - :) - that you use meaning?

gmac said...

"code of complexity"

Something i learned from a old guy who stays beside where i work.

Time is a circle.Things that appear not working as of now may work tommorow and vice versa.

He's exact words were on Luck or lucky charms