Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mind your own business!!

Today was my worst jogging schedule. Did some exercise, my friend joined me a bit late. Friend in the sense, he is kinda "uncle friend". Very elder to me. After the exercise was over, slowly a small group started forming. All ground friends. The discussion started. Topic? "Politics and curruption". Yes, its not any topic out of the world, but i think, it is not something on which one should waste time discussing, atleast here in India! Its something which everyone should posses, "curruption". Its an attribute which has to be linked with you if u wanna go into politics. I dowanna discuss it here...but those "uncle guys" were wasting a lot of time in it. Almost 30 minutes. I had to stand there with my friend to continue with the exercise. Ultimately I gave up! Went for a walk, to come back and see that they were still in it :( I remember something my friend had told me long time back.

"If you dont like something, feel that it is wrong, then go ahead and change it. If you cant, then just be quite and mind your own business".

I feel it very much appealing. And I do it almost everywhere I can apply. my tea is getting cold...bye..

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